2003 February 8 and 9 : 4th SCBWI  Winter Conference, New York City
The New York Showcase
Special treat for illustrators

The 4th Winter Conference was especially exciting for illustrator members of the SCBWI because of The New York Showcase - the first ever illustrators showcase and auction. 

Art submitted by SCBWI members were displayed during a VIP cocktail party attended by publishers, art directors, and editors from all the major publishing houses as well as conference attendees.

Filipino conference attendees Maria Madonna Davidoff from New Jersey and Beaulah Pedregosa Taguiwalo from Manila  submitted artworks. Frances Marie (Panch) Alcaraz, another fellow member, sent her piece earlier by courier from the Philippines.

The Showcase eventually included more than 250 original illustrations. During a closed session, a jury selected 15 artworks as finalists. These included Madonna's artwork, which was actually an illustration for a children's story written by fellow Filipina SCBWI member Carla Pacis who was also there at the conference.

The evening's highlight was a live auction of the 15 finalist artworks, with the successful bids ranging from $275 to as high as $600. All of the proceeds of the auction were given to the respective artists, together with an additional $100 donated by the SCBWI for each artwork. In addition, the Grand Jury Award winner was given a full page in
Picture Book, the directory of children's illustrators.
Photos, clockwise from top left (left to right): Three excited showcase participants and Lauri Veverka from the SCBWI head office. The crowd at the art display. Carla, Madonna, and Madonna's entry that was chosen as one of the finalists. Madonna's artwork during the auction.

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